For this assigment, as in most of them, I thought of developing a soft robotics design, which can be applied to a wearer to be carried in the head: a hood or fragments of it. The hood is often an integral part of a garment, coat or raincoat (a type of large cap that covers the head and bends over the shoulders) and is often waterproof. In the design of my samples, I used soft, wavy lines, creating a torn oval shaped like a network, similar to the shape of an eye’s outline. My initial intention was to achieve the bow on a horizontal axis, so that this shape fits the spherical of a head. For this, I had to build different samples modifying the air flow patterns and thus be able to check and observe how the soft actuators behaved.


Process / Soft Robotic sample / Thermovynil#

Week 11. SOFT ROBOTICS - Test 1 from Betiana Pavon on Vimeo.

Week 11. SOFT ROBOTICS - Test 2 from Betiana Pavon on Vimeo.

Process / Soft Robotic sample / Silicone#

Molding step by step#

Week 11. SOFT ROBOTICS - Test 3 / Silicona from Betiana Pavon on Vimeo.

Week 11. SOFT ROBOTICS - Test silicone from Betiana Pavon on Vimeo.

Conclusions and observations#

I found the exploration and observation of different materials and pattern designs extremely interesting; since until you build it completely, you can not see what will happen in terms of the “robotic movement”. It is a path of endless exploration. Regarding the sample made with silicone, the inconvenience I had was not enough time to dry the silicone that acted as a glue between one part and another, which caused that when the air enters for the first time it took off in some sectors and leaks of air in on the sides; this made it difficult for the air flow to be evenly distributed. Likewise, a clear difference can be observed in terms of the behavior of the material and its physical characteristics that allow to change from a plane to volume with expansion capacity. Undoubtedly, it is an issue that I plan to continue investigating, since the ability of “metamorphosis” that allows the application of soft robotics to a wereable is attractive, fascinating and innovative.