How the timetable works? I entered three columns in the table. The first on the left indicates the deadlines of the course calendar, the weeks (of the current year) and the months.

In the second I briefly listed the activities in a list by points. Finally, I created a space that clearly indicates the techniques I will use, the materials (in order to order them online or to find them in good time).

Obviously this is an experimental concept, which provides a fairly in-depth knowledge of the use and behavior of materials (worn, washed, wrinkled). This did not allow me to draw up a precise list. Instead I considered many moments to make mistakes and to improve the project, phases that will be more defined during construction.


Project Quick presentation#


My final project for Fabricademy is a dress that is fading constantly and change conformation.

The disappearing of the gradual outfit is guided by three factors: * three materials (latex, kombucha, biosilicone) * different wear resistances * an engraved gradient pattern that guides the fading

This process allows you to get three dresses (mainly) in one. The lengths of the edges change according to the material and are consumed in a programmed manner thanks to the cuts and incisions of the pattern.

Upstream three different clothes are designed and a lot of time is given by the joining of different materials, programming the fade and testing the simples.

The materials are all natural and for their growth there is need of time but they have a very different environmental impact compared to canonical fabrics.

I have done different research to find the right type of pattern, which has a certain resistance to weight and traction applied to the material. each material acquires different capacities when laser engraved