Recipe template

Below is the template for documenting a recipe

[Recipe name]

[embed a tactility video here to present your material]

Tactility video of the material, NAME, YEAR

General information

[Describe the material in max 150 words]

Physical form

Surfaces & Surface Treatments | Solids | Strings, Pipes & Tubes | Grains & Powders | Pastes, gels & liquids (select one)

Color without additives:

Fabrication time

Preparation time: [number 0-24] Hours

Processing time: [number 0-100] [select unit days/weeks]

Need attention: every [number][select unit: hours/days] to [free text] describe activity e.g. stir, turn, etc]

Final form achieved after: [number 0-99] [select unit days/weeks]


Approx. [number] [unit]

Estimated cost (consumables)

including use of disposables likegloves

[number] [local currency], for a yield of approx. [number][unit]



NOTE: you can only select ingredients that are already in the archive. If you are adding a new ingredient, please add a new ingredient entry before adding a new recipe

  • [Ingredient ] [optional or not?]
    • Amount: [number]
    • [Function, e.g. plasticizer]
  • [Ingredient ] [optional or not?]
    • Amount: [number]
    • [Function, e.g. solvent]
  • [Ingredient ] [optional or not?]
    • Amount: [number]
    • [Function, e.g. polymer]


  1. [Tool] [optional or not?]
    • Is this tool optional? Yes/No
  2. [Tool] [optional or not?]
    • Is this tool optional? Yes/No
  3. [Tool] [optional or not?]
    • Is this tool optional? Yes/No


  1. [Step 1]

    • [Free text]
    • [Free text]
  2. [Step 1]

    • [Free text]
    • [Free text]
  3. [Step 1]

    • [Free text]
    • [Free text]

Drying/curing/growth process

[Describe the setup, including details of mold and tools used (e.g. press, breathers, other) and other details pertaining to the process here]

  • Mold depth (surfaces and solids) or diameter (strings): [number] mm
  • Shrinkage thickness [number] %
  • Shrinkage width/length [number] %

Shrinkage and deformation control

[Describe shrinkage and deformation behavior and how this may be controlled]

Curing agents and release agents

[Free text]

Minimum wait time before releasing from mold [number] [select hours/days]

Post-processing [Describe the process of applying softeners, keeping it pressed after mold release, how to store and expiry information etc]

Further research needed on drying/curing/growth?

Yes/No/Not sure

[Describe areas of further research if applicable here]

Process pictures

Image guidelines: images should be landscape format and sharp. Please provide captions so the viewer can understand the elements of the setup. Include images of the drying/curing set-up

Caption, Image credit, Year

Caption, Image credit, Year

Caption, Image credit, Year

Caption, Image credit, Year

Caption, Image credit, Year


Which variations can be made with the same recipe? Mention other physical forms, additives etcetera. Provide references if applicable

  • [Free text]
  • [Free text]
  • [Free text]

Origins and references

Cultural origins of this recipe

*Describe known cultural heritage tradition(s) that are being drawn from as well as communities who made significant contributions to its development: * [Describe here]

Needs further research? Yes/No/Not sure

[Describe avenues for further research]

Key Sources

Which key sources or recipes does this contribution draw from? * - [Title of publication 1]* by [First + Last Name Author]([Affiliation/Institution]), [Publication name or channel], [YYYY], link.

Is the information listed above copyrighted or published under e.g. a creative commons licence? Provide info here.

If not, please state that you agree to publish this recipe under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (CC BY-SA 2.0) license

By submitting this recipe I agree to publish it under a CC BY-SA 2.0 Creative Commons license. Please mention to these details for attributions:

[Title of publication 1] by [First Name, Last Name Author]([Affiliation/Institution]), [YYYY], [Publication name or channel],link.

Ethics & sustainability

Describe known concerns and issues with this recipe/technique, provide clear explations arguments people may have put forward to address issues with the technique, this material, or it ingredients. Consider social, economical, cultural, political, ecological considerations and dilemmas

Needs further research? Yes/No

[Describe avenues that need research here]

Sustainability tags

  • Renewable: yes/no/needs further research
  • Vegan: yes/no/needs further research
  • Made of by-products or waste: yes/no/needs further research
  • Biocompostable: yes/no/needs further research, [describe duration and conditions for composting]
  • Re-usable: yes/no/needs further research [describe here, e.g. melting, mixing, shredding]

Needs further research?: Yes/No/Not sure



Based on technical property categories used in the Material District archive, and the sensory descriptors categories proposed in: Lerma, Beatrice (2010). Materials ecoefficiency and perception. Proceedings: CESB 2010 Prague - Central Europe towards Sustainable Building 'From Theory to Practice': pp. 1-8.

  • Strength: fragile/medium/strong/variable
  • Hardness: rigid/resilient/flexible/variable
  • Transparency: opaque/translucent/transparent/variable
  • Glossiness: glossy/matt/satin/variable
  • Weight: light/medium/heavy
  • Structure: closed/open/variable
  • Texture: rough/medium/smooth/variable
  • Temperature: cool/medium/warm/variable
  • Shape memory: low/medium/high/variable
  • Odor: none/moderate/strong/variable
  • Stickiness: low/medium/high/variable
  • Weather resistance: poor/medium/high/needs further research
  • Acoustic properties: absorbing/reflecting/needs further research
  • Anti-bacterial: yes/no/needs further research
  • Non-allergenic: yes/no/needs further research
  • Electrical properties: yes/no/needs further research
  • Heat resistance: low/medium/high/needs further research
  • Water resistance: low/water resistant/waterproof/needs further research
  • Chemical resistance: low/medium/high/needs further research
  • Scratch resistance: poor/moderate/high/needs further research
  • Surface friction: sliding/medium/braking/variable
  • Sensitive to color modifiers: alkaline/acidic/none


Maker(s) of this sample

  • Name: [First + Last Name]
  • Affiliation: [Institution Name]
  • Location: [City], [Country]
  • Date: [DD-MM-YYYY] – [DD-MM-YYYY]

Environmental conditions

  • Humidity: [number]% / not sure
  • Outside temp: [min-max] degrees Celcius
  • Room temp: [min-max] degrees Celcius
  • PH tap water: 1-14

Recipe validation

Has recipe been validated?


Images of the final sample

Image guidelines: all images should be of the object on a white background. The overview image should show the object in its entirety with a frame of white background enclosing it, adding a detail image is recommended. Crop off edges if necessary. All images should be landscape format.

Caption, Image credit, Year

Caption, Image credit, Year

Caption, Image credit, Year


[List all references used, including key sources of the recipe]

  • [Title of publication 1] by [First + Last Name Author]([Affiliation/Institution]), [Publication name or channel], [YYYY], link.