Tutorial for a tactility video

A helpful way of documenting the sensory qualities of a material, or the "feel" and sound of it is to shoot a video. With some small tricks you can show a lot of properties that a material has, using sound and reflection of light while you are playing with a sample. In the tutorial below I explain some ways to give a more tactile demonstration of these material qualities:

  • strength
  • hardness
  • shape memory
  • weight
  • translucence
  • texture (and also glossiness actually)
  • structure
  • stickiness
  • scratch resistance
  • surface friction
  • and more generally: using sound, light, and distance from the camera to demonstrate all of the above.

All the tactility videos I made of the material samples in this project (and more), are listed in this Youtube playlist.

I'm using my iPhone to shoot these, and a video stand I designed that can be laser cut from a 50x30 cm sheet of 4 mm MDF. You can download these cutfiles below:

A simple phone stand to make tactility videos with your phone, Loes Bogers, 2020