About me

Hi! I am Paulina Martina. Orginally I come from the Carribean, but have been living in Europe for eleven years now.

Throughout my teenage years I was very curious about everyday gadgets and how they worked, as a result I moved to the Netherlands to study information engeneering. As I didn't see myself programming on a daily basis, I took the leap and moved back to my original passion "Fashion Design".

Fast forward 8 years in 2017 I graduated with my Bachelors in Design and Businnes. I have been on an exciting journey during which I lived a semi-nomadic life during the last three years of my education. Personally I find myself to be a very curious and hands on person, for this reason I enjoy spending my time in the lab and learning about craftsmenship and technology. My time abroad broadened my cultural perspectives while I learned to view educational systems through different lenses.

  1. Linz 2019 2. Hello World 2018 3. Sensor Lab

Enter and leaving 2018

Spring 2018 I was recruited and became the project lead for Jasna Rok (Antwerps's first Fashion Techonoly Lab). SuperNova was Antwerps first time hosting a Technology conference, my 1st interactions with the world of FashTech had become a reality.

Previous work

Key elements of my creative process and design thinking are.

Human binding cultural topics

Technology and innovation

The possitive aspects of globalization

Hands on approach in the lab


I am you

Garments with interactive prints " I am you" 2016 was inspired by the behavioral and social trends going on in the world. The collection was aimed to give women who live in multicultural environment an opportunity to be heard. In return this did more then make them part of the collection, but contributed to an interactive platform sharing different views on subjects such as Diversity, Culture and Empowerment. " I am you" stands for the universal unifying factors that perceeds race, age and religion.

image me wearing vr glasses

2016- "I am you" | Film editing by Samuel Henry and Paulina Martina | project by Paulina Martina

2016- "I am you" | Girl in "Burka" and augmented reality printed textiles

Hearth Bachelor Collection

Hearth Design Lab

During my 2018 Bachelor Graduate collection H[earth], laser-cut techniques and augmented reality where used to create a ready to wear collection with a modern approach towards sustainable branding and design.

Taking new technologies to sustain craftsmanship with a modern twist. Upcycling plastic sheets into sequince, digital emboirderries and lasercutted textiles. Project: Paulina Martina Photography: Viktor Jelinek Project: Paulina Martina Photography: Viktor Jelinek Project: Paulina Martina Photography: Viktor Jelinek Project: Paulina Martina Photography: Viktor Jelinek Project: Paulina Martina Photography: Viktor Jelinek Project: Paulina Martina Photography: Viktor Jelinek

Past to present

Trained at Via Design and Business University in Denmark I have background in textile engineering and product development. Fresh out of University, I took the bold move not to start a carreer as a fashion designer. Instead I went and registered "Hearth Design Lab" to develop The Hague's very first smart textiles and innovaton library. There is an urgent need for innovation within design thinking and the fashion industry. I am curious by nature and always open to learning about new theories and practices with a focus on design and material development. I am currently working on the curation of my first exhibit to open on the public launch of Hearth Design Lab 10.10.2020 My goal is to develop a coaching centred approach to assist the bridging of technology and fashion to innovate traditional teaching methods. Fabric Academy provides an opportunity to take a hands-on learning approach, by creating trough experimentation. I am working towards becoming a teacher within design technologies, fall 2019 I started a bachelor in User Experience Design.


  1. Behance 2. David Brodeur 3. Artstation.com


KG Projects from Kailu Guan on Vimeo.

Kailu Guan's graduate collection is was made in order for audiences to interact with the garments. I find this project interesting as it is my 2016 " I am you" collection but in the next level regarding graphics. Also "I am you" was focused intercultural binding human factors as this project seems to have a more artistic visual approach.


Amber Jae Slooten's Digital runway is a playfull but very innovative suggestion on how the need for fashion and the current social media mindset can merge. The project is innovative as it shows more "sustainable" form of interpreting new fashion trends fitting to the persona's needs without creating more waste.