Hearth Futures, the ABC's of fashion technology


Promo Video

The Workshop Pilot

The Result

The Exhibition

The future of Materials Workshop Pilot by Paulina Martina

Workshop 1 "Textile Skins"

Workshop 1 follow up preparations for Workshop 2

Workshop 2 "Physical to digital"

Branding & communication*

Story telling Hearth Futures

The Process

Inspiration New Skins

PDF download Proposal


Initial Workshop draft


PDF download NewSkinsI

PDF download VivianeSassen

Paper on Alternative Dynamic Fabric

Tools used

Artivive App for Augemented reality

Artseps App for Virtual reality

Miroboard for co-creation

Zoom for workshop sessions

Instagram Inspiration

material district

Julia Koerner

An ocean full of opportunities

Biomaterials recommendations/sources applied in the workshop


Fabricademy bio-materials

My own bio-fabrication documentation

Youtube videos used for content

What Will Our Clothes Be Made Of in a Circular Economy? | The Fashion Show Episode 4

Did you know less than 1% of old clothing becomes new clothes? Make a circular economy for fashion

The astonishing fabrics we could be wearing in the future! | Fashion Conscious - BBC!

Can Virtual Reality Change Your Mind? | Thong Nguyen | TEDxMinneapolis!

Are you Wearing your Future? | Manou Messmann | TEDxKEA

Fashion, Identity, and Freedom of Expression w/ Gwenda-lin Grewal

Wearable Technology and the Future of Fashion | Amanda Cosco | Electric Runway

Searching for my sense | Moon Ribas | TEDxMünchen