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OLA | علا

Hello "مرحبا" I'm here to share my FABLAB journey with you! I am of dual heritage, Lebanese and Iraqi, and was raised in the city of Amman, Jordan, where I presently reside and work. My enthusiasm for design prompted me to pursue a degree in architecture at the German Jordanian University, which gave me a great base to dive into the creative world.

Currently, I am working in the film industry, serving as a costume designer and stylist, adeptly handling all facets of costume-related work. In addition to my involvement in cinematic projects, I also channel my design prowess into crafting distinctive pieces for my fashion brand, "Flamingo Republic," a label I co-founded back in 2016.

Why Fabricademy?

In the summer of 2023, I encountered a post shared by Fabricacademy regarding an 8-day workshop being held in Jordan. Subsequently, I submitted an application and was fortunate enough to be accepted into the program. I derived substantial value from the knowledge acquired during this brief yet enriching experience. Consequently, I made the deliberate choice to pursue enrollment in the complete course, recognizing it as an opportunity to further cultivate my expertise in digital fabrications, wearable technology, and environmentally sustainable textiles.



you can showcase the progress on your assignments on this page with a grid below an example from the documentation of Loes Bogers TextileLab Amsterdam 2019-20

Project management Digital bodies Circular fashion
Biochromes . . . E-textiles Biofabricating
Open-source hardware Computational couture Textile scaffold
Wearables SoftRobotics Skin electronics

And in week 11 I proposed my final project.