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3. Circular Open Source Fashion

Research & Ideation

I was checking Pinterest for inspiration and that's when I saw a picture of woven work done with paper. I really liked how the colors merged together and I wanted to try and explore the same idea with fabric.

Process and Workflow

I started exploring with the idea by drawing different designs and options that could work on fabric. I then decided to design a vest that could be worn in different ways.

  1. To bring the idea to life I started making a pattern for the vest. I downloaded a vest pattern online and also took measurements of a vest I have at home, then altered my drawing based on them both. I used Autocaad to work on the design as I'm very familiar with the software. Source

  2. I then added joints to the vest, so it could be put together and connected after its laser cut. I decided to go with the design below for the joint after experimenting with many ideas, as I thought this one held the design well

  1. Part of the design includes having woven pieces on the back of the vest that could be changed by laser cutting new different shapes and colors to give the vest a new feel. Those pieces will also be added to the vest without sewing. You can see the final design below

  2. I moved to the laser cutting part afterwards, imported the file to Rhino and did the plotting. Then sent the file to the laser cutting machine software. I edited the settings for the cutting, to make sure i get clean edges.

Final Design