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11. Implications and applications

The Woven Treasures of Jordan

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"Wool weaving is an essential element of the ancestral Bedouin heritage, not only in Jordan but in the whole Middle East and Arabic Peninsula. Rugs, pillows, bedding furniture, bags, belts but also the shelter, called the "hair house" (Ar. beit es-shar), bridles, ropes and saddle blankets for the camels, horses and donkeys... It is therefore many aspects of the everyday Bedouin life that depend on the weaving production."

Ground Loom

The front and back beams are maintained with stakes positioned in the ground. Long threads are extended in between in order to form the warp. This operation requests the cooperation of several women. For weaving, the warp threads alternation is worked manually by selecting and pulling up the thread. This operation requests strength and is hard to hands, especially if using goat hair which is particularly rough.


  1. A woven display
  2. Research on weaving techniques and methods in the region
  3. Recycling old and no longer used fabric and clothes"


  1. Target group: Younger generation (Between 20-40)
  2. People Involved: Jordanian women weavers


  1. Protect and preserve local heritage and tradition in weaving
  2. Empower women allowing them to work and to build a career track record such as becoming trainers and conduct trainings locally and regionally in the handicrafts space


"100% locally made in Jordan

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