Designer & Explorer#

Re-think the design practice, for the real world : sustainable design process. From post-industrial production to care design fabrication, around the world and with heart.

Some researches as a fabricademy explorer Some projects as a designer

As a Designer :#

Art director, Production director, Problem solver, conceptor | craft | productor | curator | economist intersting

How could we re-think the design (fashion, product, industrial…) ?#

As a designer I think we are obliged to do a better production and try to open the circle of fabrication. As a consumer I think we need to buy a better production, ethical production, slowly manufactured, bio-design, and convivial fabrication. I would like to make what I realy need and, like I want. I don’t love superflux. Re-think the designer carrier as a Design oriented process.

You can see my pasts projects here with a hightlight for the transformation of the locals ressources as the materials + the implication of the users in the fabrication process + an intention for the minimal of gestures as possible.

Design and Fashion Design :#

  1. I have an economical approach for the global design, it’s the same for fashion design with a sustainable implication
  2. Most part of my wear are from the second hand shops (kind of French culture?) Emmaus or Vide Grenier
  3. As a designer I’m not in interested by aesthetics but a kind collector of right daily tools
  4. I use to think about standard and uniform with the idea to extract the form a fonctionality like a daily performance
  5. As the proposal from the sustainable goals development the question of the genre is one of my focus Odile Fillot
  6. A sustainable/circular design project : from trash to luxury product
  7. Fab Territory approach for process of production

For my Interest in general, I do design and also I do politic through this. This course is for me the opportunity to know different knoledge and technics, to explore the FUTURS of industries, fashion, design. With the access to the technics, re-think our position of designers and take care of people. To explore this question : La fabrique du vivant.