1. State of the art, project management and documentation#

The form follows the function#

I started my studies with the Architecture degree, although the world of structures was not my thing, the passage through this faculty had a great influence on my way of understanding, analyzing and learning design in general. The discovery and subsequent study of the School of the BAUHAUS, marked a before and after in me, its guidelines and philosophy are axes that have governed me throughout my development as a designer. The beginning of the Bauhaus since its inception “The form follows the function” is the title of this project path and I intend that the development of it, be referential and aligned with it.

Some considerations about Modern Movement and Rationalism as aesthetic axes

Beginning with the first term, it is mandatory to speak of the Bauhaus as the driving and triggering source of that modern movement; it was a break with classical architecture creating a new architectural language. Possibly, functionalism, where the form is at the service of the function, was the axis of the modern movement. As for rationalism, we would have to say that its beginnings are also in the Bauhaus. Rationalism took all men equally, without distinction of social classes, this led to a standardization of housing, with the aim of achieving greater social benefit.

Das Triadische Ballett / Performing Bauhaus

Oskar Schlemmer was a painter, sculptor, designer and choreographer. In 1923 he began directing the theater workshop of the Bauhaus. The scenography was an ideal opportunity to share knowledge from different disciplines and also the representations were an opportunity for the school to popularize their designs. His ideas on the relationship of the figure with the space were the origin of Triadisches Ballett (Ballet Triádico), his most famous work, premiered in Stuttgart in 1922 and a success at the time. The characters were dressed as puppets (which the author considered extremely expressive), they became geometric figures, they danced to combine their structures as in an abstract painting … Schlemmer saw the modern world guided by two currents: mechanics (the body as a machine) and primordial impulses (the creative spirit). His ballet showed characters that synthesized those two faces of human existence.

Thinking about my personal project#

This week I worked on the adjustment of my personal project (the handcrafted millinery) to a process of design and constructivly contemporary. Including from the design, the technologies and matters to working along the Fabricademy program. My intention is to emphasize and to promote the functional qualities of the portable accessories in the head across the technology.


First task#

My first day in Fabricademy was a great beginning for this challenging experience. The exchange of knowledge and vision between the different around the world on line and connected across the platform, me turns out to be key and totally rewarding. It is, forms one more of exploiting the technological current resources. The first task was the construction of our personal profile inside the platform “class.textile-academy.org” . I must admit, that in a beginning I felt a bit dizzy, but as soon as you familiarize yourself with Gitlab, the process becomes more agile and systematic.

Tips about the construction of our personal profile#

For a better organization of the information and readability of the content on the page, here are examples of typing to use in Gitlab: