Fashion and architecture: a ratio of proportions#

The relationship between fashion and architecture is not based solely on the fact that both are visual languages, it is something more important and intimate. Both are based on structures, proportions, shapes, textures, colors, colors and creativity.

The proportions and volumes, which are fundamental for the architect when designing a building, are also for the creators of fashion. Achieving the perfect balance between creativity and functionality is a common goal for both.


Architecture is how the person places herself in the space. Fashion is about how you place the object on the person. Zaha Hadid

The Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, her forms are carried away by what is enveloping and does not follow the standardized rule. It is called deconstructive architecture; a current that was born in the 80s and that she defends as the sum of rationalism and experience. Non-linear, emotional and intuitive design.

The work of this architect is recognized for its advanced spatial concepts and the innovative use of technology, it is said that it freed architectural geometry with the creation of fluid shapes and fragmented geometry that evoke the chaos and flow of modern life.


My first ideas (and drawings on paper) were aimed at composing through modules a piece to be worn on the head (a fusion between hood and scarf). This idea was mutating, as was the development of modular design.

Drawing in Rhino & Laser cut#

Technical Process:

Morphological evolution of the module#

Final Result#