The body as an object of art#

There is a close relationship between the design of clothing and sculpture: both artistic disciplines tend to play with the forms from the volumetric. The sculptor creates in space while the designer uses body volume as a starting point.

References / Inspirations / Artists

Digitalization of the body#

This week we explore different ways to generate a digital body:


Kinect is a 3D webcam sensor for Xbox360, easily hacked to produce 3D scans using Skanect open source software. - To take into account: be sure to scan several times at various angles, pay special attention to the areas where the mesh tends to remain open, that is, the top of the head and the bottom.


In my case I used Make Human to generate the human body, based on my own measurements (From the “Custom” tab).

Detailed measurements in centimeters of my body (necessary to customize the model to scale):

Then, export my model in the formats .OBJ and .STL to be able to open them in Rhino and thus be able to edit the volume.

To triangulate the meshes:

Tips when editing in Rhino:#

In my case, keeping the head of the mannequin was essential (since it is the central axis of my personal project). For this reason, I had to make sure that the scale of its circumference was correct (57cm corresponding to the average waistline in headgear). To do so, use the command: - Length (which projects a line on the curve to be measured).

Slicer for fusion 360#

Finished the model in Rhino: Export selection (.OBJ or .STL)

Check and adjustment of plans#

Once the plans have been exported in Slicer (.DFX format) they must be checked and edited in Rhino prior to the laser cutting process:

Some inconvenients:

FAB LAB / General Guidelines#

Laser Cutters


Use of this facility requires the use of standard safety precautions at all times. This includes but is not limited to:

Booking System

To be able to organize ourselves, we setted up a Booking System, which will take the work to organize our machining time and know the accessibility that is available. We will have to previously book a machine to make use of it. .

You must know:

Fabricademy Bootcamp 2017 - Paris - Tutorial - Trotec Laser cutter from Textile Academy on Vimeo.

Finished model#