About me

Hi! I am Roda Al- Qebaisi. I am inventor certified from state of science program season 10 on 2018 for create smart management solution.

My background

I was born in 1982 in Qatar.

Previous work

Human Recources Manager

Worked as human resources manager to enhances the organization’s human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices.


Design and implement smart seating solution to overcome Lack of services and mismanagement, Low efficiency management seating for public areas like SOPRT SATDIUMS.

We use internet of thing technology throw the star of science to deliver to global market a luxury product with high quality of services and efficient management processing system in conferences field.

focus on new technology of seating system which provide shortage percentage of noise resistances can be appear through conflict in management styles and warranty deliver to our investors high score of security influences which match most needs of professional and diplomatic’s events. Eventually, this smart technology field to provide luxury services to our VIP clients by smart seating management system.

project is focus to solve main issues accrued in all events without any exceptions and carrying huge amount spend come from the event organizer to reduce that error. For that all organizers involve mass number of manpower works in part time band which flow more expenses form event budget and include the high percentage of risks regarding cross over security wall regarding event security data.

What Did I Work in Fabricademy

Work in Fabricademy

Hobbies & Interests

Travel and Advanture

I love travelling and adventure, those activities that has a kind of reset button in my life.