About me

I am Tasneem Hussain a multiskilled individual and Electrical Engineer. I am passionate about electronics and everything related to it! I work in QBIC FAB Lab as a FAB Engineer responsible for everything related to tech education and training. I really like my job as I love teaching others about digital fabrication and I highly enjoy sharing knowledge with others.

From a deep personal perspective, I am a talented person who is passionate about hand crafts and DIY projects and I believe Fabriacademy will polish my skills further to improve my design capabilities.

Let's do Fabricademy!!

What Did I Make in Fabricademy?

THE beauty is in the JOURNEY not the FINAL DESTINATION!

My Final Project: Modular Smart T-Shirt

My project is targeted to explore different concepts related to smart clothing. The main aim of the project is to design an open source and modular smart shirt for biometering purposes. Refer to the link for the detailed documentation.

My Weekly Assignments:


Soft Robotics Workshop

In March 2019, I have attended soft robotics workshop provided by Adriana Cabrera when she was visiting Qatar. This workshop was very interesting and based on practical work to develop soft robots. This workshop was integrating the different concepts for designing the air channels, chambers and inflating mechanisms and how all of these will affect the movement of the soft robot.

Soft Robotics


I love teaching electronics, designing electronic circuits, fabricating and soldering electronics PCBs. As a FAB Engineer, I am designing training courses related to different digital fabrication, but my favourite part is always "Electronics Design and Production". I have been working in different electronics projects and currently I am working on a start-up company called KINECTO to design a completely wireless and wearable power bank. Check the link for our website.

Out of different projects that I have been working on, I used the conductive threading to establish connections only ONCE! I was making a prayer mat for kids that is mainly designed for educational purpose. This was a project for a group of students studying computer engineering approaching the Fab Lab to support them especially with electronics part. This project was highly interactive project with a network of sensors and LEDs mounted over the mat in different spots to teach kids the the right steps for muslim prayer.

Me Soldering the parts on the mat.

Now I am very excited to learn about soft electronics and special E-textiles and how to use them to construct circuits for wearable applications.

Hobbies & Interests

I am a handcrafts hobbiest and DIY maker. I love working on gifts wrapping, giveaways, gift cards designing, etc. I am starting a small home business for craft work and gifts, follow my updates on my instagram page.

Samples from my crafted gift pieces

During Fabricademy I fell in love with hand embroidery and needle arts and started to make different art pieces.

What after Fabricademy?

Towards the end of Fabricademy 2019 during March 2020, COVID19 arised as a global pandemic influencing many aspects of life socially, economically, and even emotionally affecting communities. The whole country -Qatar- started partial lock-down and most of FabLabs got closed to prevent gatherings and to control the spread of the virus. After Fabricademy during April 2020, I was thinking to share some interesting topics highlighted in the program as a series of DIY workshops. It was really challenging especially that we need to deliver customized kits to different participants so they can do the workshop from home. Even thought the general situation was really critical, those worlshops had made a great impact on the local community and we were surprised to see some people signing up for the workshops from other countries as well.

Creating an IMPACT is Challenging but WORTH Trying!

This was my logic to initiate the online DIY workshops :)

In the following images, I am showing some parts of the different DIY workshops we hosted online.

Much MORE to Come, Learn and Explore!