1. Project Overview

Project Overview

Embedding electronics systems for health monitoring is the next level of smart wearables. With the prominent advancement and growth of materials development, it is now possible to construct textile based and textile printed electronics circuit using different conductive smart materials and sensors. These new features enable the inclusion of smart wearable within clothes instead of wearing an extra accessory or watch. Built-in systems with a network of textile sensors embedded within clothes that monitor different parameters and connect the users through an IOT platform is what is referred to as "Wearable 2.0". With wearable 2.0 monitoring and tracking of different bio-metric data completely happens non-intuitively as users have the whole system within their garments.

The poster below highlights the main parts of the modular shirt design.

Following is the final presentation slides and demonstratig video.

Project Planning

Plan the Work

To execute and implement this project properly, I made a detailed plan and modified the gantt chart that I have created for week 11.

Work the Plan

To work the plan I have used Trello platform and created detailed to do list for each milestone in the gantt chart.

Special Acknowledgement

I would like to express my deep gratitude to my family, my QBIC Fab Lab team and anyone who has supported me to do this project. Special thanks to:

  • My main sponser IbTECHar Digital Solutions for this great opportunity and all the support.
  • Fabricademy coordinators; especially, our remote instructor Adriana Cabrera from Natrix GmbH & Co. in Germany for her continous and support and encouragement.
  • Qatar University College of Engineering; paricularley, Dr. Ahmed Massoud the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies for all the extraordinary care, positive energy and support.