1. State of the art, project management and documentation

This week I worked on defining a scope for my final project and started to learn how to use GitLab for the documentation process.

Task 1: Editing the Website

The very first task this week was to edit the website using GitLab interface. I decided to use the ready-made template provided by Fabricademy technical team. I have followed the tutorial provided by Fiore Basile about how to document and edit your website using over GitLab in the [link] (https://class.textile-academy.org/tools/tutorials/gitlab/). The tutorial was very clear to follow and I followed all steps to create my first page "Home" and to edit this page for the first assignment.


1- Sign in to GitLab with the provided username.

2- Navigate to "docs" where you will find the index or the home page and all assignments and many others (e.g. images, files, etc).

3- When you open index it will show the front end interface which is the preview for the final view and this one is not editable. In order to edit it, simply select "Edit".

This will open another interface that looks like programming environment interface. After this, following the tutorial will make editting the content and inserting different plug-ins very easy. Finally, I finished with creating the first page!

Using Trello Dashboard

I have used Trello Dashboard for organizing and managing the different assignment tasks. For every assignment I have determined different tasks and to do list also deadlines.

Task 2: Defining the Project Scope

To design a special wearable piece for Hijabis using different smart textiles that can assist in regulating the temperature of the body. One very interesting materials are the phase change materials.

Research Results