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8. Open Source Hardware - From Fibers to Fabric


Because we are still waiting for some pieces to make the Hilo Machine I decided to do the Loom Machine! I look at the files and instructions from Lara Campos final project page.

I had several issues with the Laser cutter as the thickness of the acrylic sheet(5mm) was a bit tricky so I spend 2 days just trying to cut all the pieces and I was unable to change the design as I would have liked, because of short time.

But was a really good lesson because the very FIRST and FOUNDAMENTSAL STEP is to research and learn as much as you can about the machine you want to build and its functionism, even if it seams a EASY one to make!

What is it?

Weaving Process

The weaving process result more difficult than what i though mainly for the laser cutting problems I had in the fabrication process.
During the weaving the wool stucked many times on the acrylic base bar and some of the theads broke, also the lateral pieces who were holding it, broke as well because of the tension.
I will redesign the whole machine now that i understood the process and make something easier but stronger.

This is the tutorial i followed to wanding the warp!


  • Final Result!

I will continue the weaving and add some sensors!

Last update: November 30, 2021