1. State of the art, project management and documentation

I have several ideas about how my final project will be like. I hope I can visualize my visions and aesthetics through different techniques and technologies. I will be researching the themes that inspire me. I will be working on my sketchbooks too. i am saving images at this stage and I will organize them ones i get some solid idea. I hope i can come up with a mini collection with something consistant and speaks for me.


This week I have been trying to get used to Gitlab. It is not how I used to work but i can see it will help me to remember to keep everything docummented. It will definitely save me a lot of time on working on my portfolios.

Goals/ Plans (may change during the process. )

Sept. 25th 2020 first update: 1. Digital bodies: looks fun I will just play with it. 2. circular fashion. I see there are a lot of repeating patterns involved. I hope i can come up with ideas that make it look at least aestheticly pleasing or fuctional, or structurally interesting. 3. Biochrome: I like the textiles that engage people with the process. I will do some sketches for applications of the fabric samples I create. I think i will use some printed fabrics to create textile samples. 4. E-textiles: so far i can't think of anything...see what happens. Here is some of my previous experiment with laser cute. i hope i can comeup with something more interesting.

I had some 3D printing samples but they are so stiff.