12. Soft robotics

the first inflatables were made of vinyl and baking paper. The baking paper are not going to be attached to vinyl after heating, the airway is created by the baking paper between vinyl. The presser works very well with vinyl. later I created patterns by cutting pattern on paper and embossed the pattern onto the vinyl.

For soft robotics, it took few failures and experienment, and there are still a lot things i can do to improve. I did my silicon mold on rhino, and printed with 3d printer. i should design some structure for tighter hold with pipes and valve. My camping pump is not strong enough. should work better with compressor at school.

I made some adjuestment: i sealed the gap between silicon and pipe with silicon glue, it became better already.

My friend Hqeivy came up with idea to use slime to fill the vinle garment and here is the work she made before.We want to make something else with this textile to create something else I welded with laser with power 20 and speed 100. it works very well. the folding pattern was removed by slime with i try to inject slime in.

Picture of the ice cube i made

I created some diamond pattern with grasshopper. It will be too hard to fill the slime in without ruining the pattern.

Other ones i made, i did not have time to weld all of them.