8. Open Source Hardware - From Fibers to Fabric

This is a group project.

This is my first time making animation with Blender. (I saw tutorials about Bongo plugin on Rhino also makes good demo animations for mechanical projects, however, so far they only have windows versions ) Most of things are very easy to play with in Blender. I only watched 3 videos to figure out how to do the basic rendered animation. (1.Time concept and key frame. 2. Path of the cameras 3. settings for rendering animation) it is fun, i think i will be using more often as finishings for rhino project. For me blender is easier to edit details.


When I do research, I like to research and study about the science behind it, so I can create something new, even my idea can be wrong, but it will be original. I should have come up with some good ideas during brain storming stage, my ideas can be too random and wild in the beginning for group discussion. Here is partial screenshot of what I wrote for my bio-plastic week research. I listed how materials are bonded, and good base materials as 3d printer filament which works on real printer (such as pectin, wax, sugar, fat,chocolate, milk powder, etc, i try to think uo materials that can be moulded, heated, melted) In the future I need to be more ahead of timeline to come up with tangible plans. It can be hard because most of time the ideas only come during the process. Maybe I will not be sucessful for my project, I enjoy the learning process.