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Welcome to my Fabricademy blog.

Here I'll be documenting my journey through the Fabricademy Course.

About me

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Hello, I'm Amanda Jarvis. I am an interdisciplinary designer and maker based in the Washington, DC area. My work and interests are focused on costume design, wearables, assistive technology, sustainable fashion, interaction design and makerspace education.

I approach the act of making as a way to interface with the world and connect with others.

My background

I grew up on a farm in the High Plains of western Oklahoma. My grandma started teaching me to sew my own clothes at the age of 9. Having the skills to make my own clothes empowered me to make things way beyond what I could buy in stores. As a teenager I would bring issues of Vogue magazine with me on the tractor while working on the family farm. The combination of my interest in fashion and connection to the land through agriculture led me to develop a passion for sustainable fashion. Through this course I would like to further explore the connection between fashion, the body, and the land.

I took a more non-traditional path with my education studying Fashion Marketing, Business, Costume Design/Theater, and Sculpture. I received an interdisciplinary studies degree in Design for Emerging Technology in the Arts in 2020. In my professional life I have worn many hats including starting a handmade jewelry business, costume design, and managing a university makerspace.

Previous work

Much of my recent creative work revolves around prototyping and samples. My creative process is very iterative and always starts with a lot of learning and research. Many of the things I make are very interconnected and the projects build outward upon themselves in all directions.

Motion MIDI

Motion MIDI is an interactive wearable device that transforms data from an accelerometer into music. The MIDI notes are wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth to any computer or mobile device permitting use of many audio software applications. This device was co-designed with artists, performers, and a software engineer for an ongoing Open Source Interfaces project with the purpose of creating tools for artists and designers to explore alternative ways of interfacing with a computer. Find code for Motion Midi on GitHub

Aerial Performance with Motion Midi (2020)

Motion Midi was used as a wearable musical interface to transform movement into sound. This is part of a collaborative project to explore how wearables can be implemented as a tool for performance research.

Aerial Midi Music Performance from Buffalo Branded on Vimeo.

Motion Midi Prototypes (2019)

Motion MIDI devices developed in collaboration with GMU Media Arts faculty to be used as an interface with Max MSP for student projects.

Motion MIDI Prototypes from Amanda Jarvis on Vimeo.

Other MIDI Projects

Rag Harp

Made from upcycled t-shirts, conductive fibers, running on Adafruit Feather Bluetooth. A work in progress made in collaboration with several amazing people and has gone through many iterations including a miniature prototype. Find code on GitHub to build your very own RagHarp. Turn some rags into a musical instrument. ;-)

Rag Harp in Park from Amanda Jarvis on Vimeo.

Miniature Rag Harp Prototype

Soft Keyboard (2019)

Capacitive touch keyboard made with snappable components developed at a teaching tool for soft circuits workshops. Made from 3D printed components, gold leaf, conductive materials, and felt.

Soft Keyboard


A collection of a few projects made from recycled clothing, indigo dye, fabric manipulation.

Rag Biscuit Chair (2019)

Built with a friend from upcycled jeans, recycled plywood, and patterned after an IKEA rocking chair someone found in the trash. Denim-chair

Indigo Dye and Fabric Manipulation (2020)

Samples made with shibori indigo dyeing techniques. Second image has a "biscuit" fabric manipulation overlay in silk organza. Indigo Samples

Head in the Clouds Hoodie (2020)

Made after the first month in quarantine as an "escape" from the pandemic. From upcycled and dyed men's shirt with manipulated silk overlay. Cloud Hoodie

3D Printed Textile Projects

Hydrangea Dress Candy Dress Electric Heart

Last update: 2022-02-28