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Final Project

My final project consist on a mix media fashion collection in which I will be using some of the techniques that we learned during the fabric academy postgraduate, techniques like laser cutting, rastering, 3D printing, leather molding. Every graments is gonna be physically made and it is going to have a digital twin.

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is basically a replica of an object that exists in the physical world, which in my case is gonna be made in CLO 3D, a Software that allows designers and pattern makers to simulate a 3D fashion garments. And since it’s so accurate, it saves a lot of time when it comes to decision making.

The resason why I am invested in the digitalization of fashion and in using different technologies is due to the the amount of unsexplored oportunities that we have, and also because it is way more sustainable. The fact that you decide to digitilize a garment means that the prototyping part is not that wastefull, or maybe your garment does not even exist in real life, it only exist in the digital space. A lot of this garments are also being sold as NFT’s - non fungible tokens - like any other piece of property, for either your digital avatar in the Metaverse or even if you want to wear this garments on social media. There are so many brands that are doing this, for example Tribute Brand, "a high-end digital fashion Brand leadig the way in contactless and cyber fashion".

What are the advantages of Digital Fashion?
  • Ability to check the fit of the clothes in various materials and sizes.
  • High quality garment visualization.
  • Easy communication; 3D representation of an idea.
  • Faster decision making.
  • Less development time and less physical samples.

Last update: 2022-05-06
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