Designer & Explorer#

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do (//piano)

As (//like AS-socied) Re (//Like RE-use) Co (//Like CO-llective) La Si Do it’s my little ToneMelody

Re-think, the design world, for the real world : sustainable design process. Could we do that with digital fabrication ? Could we re-think a process of production, like a para-industrial production paradigm ?

As a Designer I work hard :#

Art director, Production director, Problem solver conceptor | craft | productor | curator | economist lover

How can we re-think the design of our environment ?#

As a designer I think we must to do a better production. As a consumer I think we need to buy a bad production. Guys, can I make what I need and realy like I whant ? Re-think the designer carrier as a Design oriented process

Design and Fashion Design :#

  1. I have an economical approach for Fashion Design with a sustainable position
  2. Most part of my wear are from the second hand shops (kind of French culture?) Emmaus or Vide Grenier
  3. As a designer I’m not in love with beautifull things but a kind of collector of right product
  4. Revolte dans la mode

For my readers, instructors, mentor#

You can find some of languages mystakes. At the end of each week I try to make a little synthesis for each assigments with a question like I ask for myself : how we will we live in the world towmorrow ? And make supposition, IF, If we change this thing, what hapenned in the daily time ? It’s a part of design fiction process.

To read, to think, to share, to make designs with autors better like I am :#

Programing Obsolescence#

What about inspirations :#