Study for sound modular device#

Resultat from a research during april 2019. About a bioplastic electronic modular device.


Study for sound modular circuit Recycle material, bioplastic multilayered circuit, modular shape : an op amp flat and modular speaker.

Research bioplastic electronic modular device


Video : Study for a sound conduction through solide and air#

This video is only a postproduction process of a selected piece of video to 5secondes each ones.

The video with the process of debuging circuit will be soon online.

Bill of materials#


Name Providers Quantity Link Cost
Battery 3.7V Selfor 2 Selfor+ 6 €
Magnet Supermagnet supermagnet 0,60 €

Electronic device#

Component Value Quantity Link Cost
LM 386 x 1 Mouser 1.06€
Jack 3.5 mm x 2 Mouser 1,41€
Capacitor 4.7uf 1 Mouser 0,205€
Capacitor 0.1 uf 2 Mouser 5,54€
Capacitor 100 uF / 220 uf 1 Mouser 2,67
Resistor 10 Ohm 1 Mouser 0,48€
Resistor 200 Ohm 1 Mouser 0,306€
Potentiometer 10KOhm / 50KOhm 1 Mouser 1,12€
Velostat piezoresistive fabric x 10cm x 10cm Adafruit 4,42€

Substract PCB Bioplastic multilayered#

Ingredient Quantity Link Cost
Agar Agar 3 gr [cdiscount]( mp)
Gelatine 20 gr [cdiscount]( mp)
Glicerine 15 mL [cdiscount]( mp
Vinegar 2 gr [cdiscount]( mp)
Copper shield conductive fabric 10cm x 10cm Mouser 55,98€ for 20 sheet or 2,79€
Capton 5 cm x 5 cm Mouser 25,07€ for 32m or 2,5€

Add re-use material for modules and textiles part. I found mine here 10€/1kg of fabric. And the PLA which I find in the LAB for the structure of some module part like little skins could be replace by bioplastic for the future I will add the files for the mold.

Total Cost tools Total Cost Component Total Cost Substrat TT €
13,02€ 18,12€ 14,02€ 32,14€


Eagle board + Eagle schematic Trace
Circuit contour for fabric Potentiometer for Velostat LED + Battery + Potentiometer
Laser cut files LM 386 circuit contour .zip Laser cut potentiometer shape .zip Laser cut files LM 386 circuit contour .zip
Lasercut cercles contour ext Lasercut cercles contour int Spiral Speaker
Laser cut files shape .pdf + .dxf
Laser cut files shape .pdf + .dxf Laser cut files spiral speaker .pdf + .dxf
1 3D printed skin structure ultimaker3 PLA .gcode 3D printed battery module ultimaker3 though PLA .gcode 2 3D printed skin structure ultimaker3 PLA .gcode 6 3D printed skin structure ultimaker3 TPU .gcode
circle structure x1 battery structure circle structure 2 PLA circle structure x1 TPU
Research bioplastic circuit and modules Research bioplastic circuit and modules