3. Circular fashion#

In this week,we explored modular fashion and learnt 2D softwares. Most of the fashion industries using modular system on the garments. In this assignment, we have to design and fabricate modular fashion and seamless garments. I got interested in investigating all the possible variables in geometry.


First, I started understanding the interlock system. I drew various geometric shapes on paper. To create a circular fashion , I was doing experiment on the different shapes. I tried basic shapes of geometric parameters like circle, square etc.

I used corel draw (2D software) for this assignment. I designed the modules on corel draw from the basic shapes of geometry.

My first trial

I took trial on the fabric. Then, decided to make jacket from interlocking. I create a design on corel draw. I took a measurement for jacket. I drew all the possible shapes for the jackect for interlock system. I made some samples of interlock on waste fabric in my lab. I used cotton and silk to

ufff....😫 My design is ready but I need some time for laser cutting.

My Diwali Lantern#

I create Diwali festival lantern. I make a 2D desgin pattern to interlocking.

What i learnt…?#