8. Open source hardware: from fibers to fabric#

Weekly task#

In this week we have group assignment of open source hardware. we have to select anyone from the following;

What I have done?#

We have decided to modify our old brother knitting machine.

About Knitting machine#

Knitting is the process where we can create fabric from fiber like yarn or tread. It can be made from needles or knitting machines. There are many types of knitting machine with different mechanism which controlled by electronics. In this machine we can also create pattern stitching. knitting machine allow producing clothing much faster than you’d do knitting in traditional formal way of knitting.


As a group

Individual work

Restore knitting machine

In vigyan Ashram, we have old knitting machine in scrap which is not in working process. So, I decided to repair or restore it. I saw there is so many dust in the internal part of knitting machine. So, firstly I opened all machine and cleaned. There was many corrosion in needles . I removed all the needles and cleaned them.

Problem or difficulties🤔#

After assembeling machine I observed all Parts were working but some parts got hard to move or some part were not in working process.


I saw some needles were not work I changed it. I saw many corrossion in needles. Also i got problem with there positioning when i turned carriage left to right. I observed some needles came to the D or E position From B when i was moving carriage. From this i saw there is problem in the carriage.

#knitting #fabricademy from HARSHADA RAUT on Vimeo.


I observed machine carriage part was not working beacouse some screw or some part was jam. So, I repair all parts. Now, carriage is good in process.

From here I download the manual of machine.#

What i learn(Experience)?#

In this Week, we have to do group assignment of open source hardware. So, first is learn How the machine work? and what kind of knitting machine in now - a days. I am happy because from last 1 year that machine was in the scrap And now it is in working process. And now, it’s become more interesting😀.