6. Textile as Scaffold#

Inspirational projects#

Weekly task#

  1. Create a textile medium for the crystal growth

  2. Fabric mold to shape concreate form

What I have done ?#

  1. Crystal growth on fabric

  2. Mold from fabric

What is crystallization ?#

Crystallization is a state of change from liquid to solid form. the crystallization process is used to obtain a pure solid substance from liquid form. It is the way that atoms gather to make highly connected groups.


First, I study on the how crystal grow..? or what happens during crystallization ? I took a cotton fabric and made a shape like necklace. From, Here and here i studied about crystallization.

I took 250gm alum and 550ml hot water and mix (stir) it .

Alt text

Put the soultion 12 hours to grow crystal on fabric.

Alt text

The crystallization process started on fabric.

Alt Text

Yee....💃 Finally my crystal on fabric done..

Sustain Fashion Earrings🤩#

Cryastal on fabric is very inetersting learning process for me. After understanding all the process of crystallization I made ear rings from waste cloth. I cut fabric and make it round shape which is look like a thread. I tried to make them with same weight for both ears with making equal alum solution.

Fabric formwork#

Project No.1#

For this assignment, I wanted to make something with waste fabrics. So, first I decided idea and structure for this project. And make mold for this in solid works with the help of shubham.


I make this mold on solid works.


I create this formwork just to experiment with concreate. I took polyester fabric and cut it with circle shape. And spread vaseline on that plastic. On the other side I took some concrete and mix it with water. I spread that mixture to all over the fabric. Pick up that fabric and put it on any shape pot. After one night I remove that plastic. It’s ready....

Wooden Textile#

I got inspire to do this wood textile by work on fabtextile. And I got some link in lecture related to wood textile this and this. For this I wanted 1 or 1.5 mm thikness wood but I didn’t get exact material . So,I took 1.95mm MDF do wooden textile. I made bracelet and for another wooden textile .I took some waste treads and spread them on mdf wood and brush with wood finishing. I create some 2d design on corel draw. Laser cut with power 35 and Speed 38.

Process to make wooden textile

Original files#

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