6. Textile as Scaffold#

Weekly task#

  1. Create a textile medium for the crystal growth

  2. Fabric mold to shape concreate form

What i have done ?#

  1. Crystal growth on fabric

  2. Mold from fabric

What is crystallization ?#

Crystallization is a state of change from liquid to solid form. the crystallization process is used to obtain a pure solid substance from liquid form. It is the way that atoms gather to make highly connected groups.


First, I study on the how crystal grow..? or what happens during crystallization ? I took a cotton fabric and made a shape like necklace. From, Here and here i studied about crystallization.

I took 250gm alum and 550ml hot water and mix (stir) it .

Alt text

Put the soultion 12 hours to grow crystal on fabric.

Alt text

The crystallization process started on fabric.

Alt Text

Yee....πŸ’ƒ Finally my crystal on fabric done..

Fabric formwork#

Fabric formwork give the freedom to do complicated work in very different way. I took simple shape to create a concrete mold. I saw 2 simple shape leaving holes on the upper side of mold to pour the concrete mixture on it. After filling the concrete on mold i stitch upper side and fix it on the wooden frame with nail. And kept it aside for 24 hour.

After 24 hour, i removed the fabric from mold. And finally my fabric formwork is ready. Actually i wanted to do something different from this beautiful formwork.

Other Experiment…😎🀭#