10. Implications and applications#

Weekly task?#

What i have done?#



Dupatta (scarf) adds grace to Indian garments. Some of girls wear a Dupatta for there regional dressing outfit. It gives comfort to girls to servive in public. Also, adds grace to Indian garments. Some of girls wear a Dupatta for there regional dressing outfit. But I hate Dupatta because it’s create disturbance whenever i’m doing some work. I made effort everyday to pin up it with bobby pins. That long piece of cloth makes me uncomfortable while i’m on bike or in travelling. It’s create so many obstacles like accessories. But, i have to take it in Indian functions or weddings. So, I have decided to make this 2 meter long cloth piece…Modern + Traditional.

After thinking and finalise my final project I have decided to make my project in both side equal like with 50 % aesthetic and 50% accesoiers. Now, I can carry Dupatta in function or sometimes also take it as scarf. After dicussing about this with my friends and colleague I got so many ideas to explore this.


Final Project Proposal#

From the UPPSS, I finally defined my final project which is different from most of the idea I had at the begining of fabricademy, so my final project is not for my personal use but also for all indian working womens and young girls.

One Dupatta as;

Ultra-personalized product service system(UPPSS)#

Level of personalization

The product will use different ways for designing the Multipurpose Dupatta. Personalization can be change as per person to person. It has to design as per material of duppatta, scarf and face mask. Basically , those three product made by different materials. I have to think on different materials.

The user will get easy to use as per there comfort. The product will be design as think on duppatta, scarf and face mask. So, it will be so easy to carry or to wear the multipurpose scarf.


According to Indian culture the clothing style can change as per there regions. But some of dresses have one common thing that is Dupatta. Dupatta is a shawl like scarf and essential to many women’s clothing in Indian tradition. The Dupatta is most commonly used as part of women’s salwaar-kameez custome and worn over the kurta. The Dupatta stands as a symbol of modesty in Indian society. Basically, it is part of traditional dresses but it has enter in area of fashion world with different styles.

Basically,It is used to cover a breast or cleavage area. Duptta can wear as a scarf, so it’s protect to our face or hair from dust pollution. The best part of dupatta is that you can wrap it around with almost every dress whether classic ethentic style or trendy indo-western. Dupatta adds grace to Indian garments. Some of girls wear a Dupatta for there regional dressing outfit. It gives comfort to girls to servive in public.

How to manufacture?#

when I was thinking about my final project “Multipurpose Scraf” , I got bunch of question in my mind. Before started to study of my manufacturing process. For starting manufacturing process I want to make it step by step. There are certain aspects which will allow the process to run more smoothly and seamlessly. I made some steps regarding how I am going to manufacture it.

In the manufacturing first step is start to discuss with my custumers and note down there questions . Also, i started to questioning to my self . I was started to imagine my “Multipurpose scarf” in different ways…!! There is lots of question in my mind about how to manufacture it?

In the first , I am going to make “Spec sheet” of my final project. It involves coustomers details, size, design , material details , time ,etc of garment or project. I create one sample of it…

I will using flexible cotton fabric for it. I have not decide it yet about which fabric? I will try some fabric then i will decide final.

Patterns…!! I hope i will get easy way of pattern to make it easy to wear or carry. There is still lots of questions in my mind about how to change size of face mask as per different womens face size.

First, I will make sample for different face size of womens to understand the process or what to do for make if flexible…🤔

Two meter cloth beautiful with; Traditional + Modern..!🤩

Basically i have problem in carry dupatta on travel or work place. But, i like to carry Dupatta in Indian function or weddings. So, i want to create in one Dupatta many things. I wanted to do this project with biodyeing and e-textile or wearable.The last step…manufacturing of project and quality . I will decide about quality and last mass manufacturing of product as per solutions from samples .

Customer journey#

Material selection#

I want to make my project for regular use. That’s why I choose Khadi material because It stay cool in summer and warm in winters.

What is Khadi..?#

Khadi is distinctive product of Gandhijii’s imagination. Khadi is the sun of the village solar system. Basically, khadi is Indian made cloth started by Mahatma Gandhi. Cotton produced in India is usually of short staple. Khadi provide employment to people. It is the the symbol of dignity of labour in society. Khadi is considered a part of the life of Indians . It can be made by using Charkha, handloom and many other different machines.

Basically, It is a process of making cloth from cotton to fabric which is made with help of Talki, Charkha, Handlooms etc. Khadi should be simple. Wardha, is specially popular for Khadi production. There are many factory’s where people work in the Khadi. I visited Magan sangralaya , Gram seva mandal and some other Khadi bhandar in Wardha.

Wardha is very popular for Khadi cloth. Khadi is mainly woven in cotton, but it can also be woven silk and wool. It is cool comfortable and truly environment friendly fabric suitable for all seasons. Khadi over the decades has moved from a freedom fighter’s identity fabric to a fashion garments.

Why Khadi material is beneficial to custumers?#

Basically, Khadi is the history of India known to be a major factor in starting a movement. It stay cool in summer and warm in winters. It is the only fabric where the play of texture is so unique that no two fabrics will be absolutely identical, thus lending its exclusivity and inability in terms of feel and texture.

Some designers have tried their hands on khadi clothing line but it hasn’t yet become a Fashion statement. It is available in stores like Khadi bhandar, Fabindia and many projects have be taken by various organisations. From beginning I wanted to work with rural people or want to learn the process of cotton to fabric. Dr. Yogesh kulkarni (Director of Vigyan Ashram) suggest me KHADI FABRIC for my final project. He gave contacts of some organisation which work on process of Farm to fabric. I visited all those organisation work on this. I also visit Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization (MGIRI) started by Mahatma Gandhi for employment for rural people.

In Wardha, I also visited Gram Seva Mandal in Wardha. In this organisation , I got so interesting people. They also produce Cotton to fabric of Khadi with using charkha , Handlooms etc. But most interesting and lovable thing is they manufacture there own Charkha, Spinning machine Handloom etc. They develop there machines as per requirement. They work on development of there machines and give training to there staff.

Finally, I decided to make my final project with this Process which is very long but Interesting....

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