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1. State of the art, project management and documentation

This week I worked on identifying the inspiration for my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.

Changes I made on Markdown


Using software to discover brand personality, ( I discovered that my brand as I imagine it would fall under the "earnest" category. Using this site I identified this color palette, which I replicated in the mkdocs.yml file colorpalette
* adding a video colorpalette colorpalette
* embedding google slides Watching everybody's presentations yesterday was amazing. I really appreciated the work that Hanneen Jaafreh showed. I figured after experimenting with putting my portfolio as images, I could try her method of embedding google slides. colorpalette

Learning to troubleshoot

colorpalette This week I also learned about "failed pipelines", and how to solve it. The issue here is that I had not put the logo with the correct indentations. colorpalette

Inspiration for final project

Little ideas that tickled, and nagged, and refused to go away should never be ignored, for in them lie the seeds of destiny. Babe
Currently I’m following an accelerator program to hone my offer of being a facilitator at the service of the ecological transition. My offer is to help companies ignite their creative juices using serious games to become leaders in their industries in tackling climate change. I also plan to have a platform to launch products that exemplify all the sustainable changes that can be done to make better supply chains. My chief aim taking the Fabricademy Program is build a prototype of a « Meu Mondo » a circular economy plush toy.
The « Meu Mondo » is an eco-conceived plush toy aimed to inspire children to become the heroes of their own personal legends, and guardians of the world. As tool to share family history and legacy with their children, parents can reach inside and pull out hearts attached to strings. They place their hearts on their country of origin, and where their family currently resides. In that manner the child does not feel like a half-and-halfer, because he/she can hold the world in his hands, and feel whole.

Low tech

Part of me is interested in exploring ultra sustainable materials such as hemp and linen since they can be cultivated here in France without pesticides and only rainwater.
meu mondo collage freitag Freitag

Data Art

Conversely, part of me is inspired by how data can be used to make patterns on fabric, to show "the intangible". For instance this is an example of a DNA and me map, highlighting all the genetic origins of a given individual.

And this is an example that Diane Wakim used about a Dandelion painting:

Last update: 2021-10-12