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9. Textile as scaffold

This week I worked making crystals and bio-composites using textiles.


Designers are experimenting new materials and forms by blending traditional craft techniques and digital technologies. The collaboration between Esther Perbandt and Anastasia Pistofidou, or Hussein Chalayan's 2009 Inertia work are striking examples. Manel Torres in 2009, created a space dress using his fabrican spray-on-fabric technology to apply recycled white clothing fibres, appropriately recovered from used lab coats directly onto the wearers body.


Using the recipes from the week on biomaterials I experimented with making composites with textiles. Here is the link to the cookbook that Diane Wakim and Pauline Gamore have compiled. Cookbook for biomaterials

Here are the results of my experimentations This time the recipes worked much better for me. Inspired by Lucia Javicoli brilliant use of color, I used her Sennelier pigment for the agar agar flexible foil. Then I experimented with leftover threads from the Textile Lab embroidery machine and stirred them into an agar agar biocomposite recipe. I then added the agar agar flexible foil recipe to add color.


I used the Alum crystal recipe given in class to create my crystals. This was so much fun. I had no idea crystals started with a seed. I look forward to experimenting more with this.

Last update: 2022-05-05