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Sonho é coisa viva

“The dream is a living thing" is a project that sees the dreams as an important space for imagination and prospecting futures. It understands that -dreaming- is not restricted to the duration of sleep, but extends to the moments of pause and suspension in which the borders between “reality-fiction” and “consciousness-unconsciousness” are blurred.

As a proposal for suspension, the project brings bioluminescent fungi and the construction of a physical and metaphorical hammock/network to guide this narrative. The physical hammock is made with the fibers of the leaf of the Juçara Palm tree (Euterpe edulis), where bioluminescent fungi of the genus Mycena grows, thus making it hammock with bioluminescent capacity. The metaphorical network, on the other hand, seeks to cross the threads between art, design, agroecology and science, to weave this web collectively.

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The dream is a living thing

Last update: 2023-06-29