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"Vous n'aurez pas ma peau !"

I'm gonna work on an artwork called autoportrait in a palimpsest shape. **A palimpsest is something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form.**
I choose this concept because I developed a palimpsest clothing utopia when I was a textile designer student and I think it represents so well the concept of lives.

My aim is now try to face the world as an artist and produce an artwork that speaks about this changing state of mind. By inventoring what I already have, make observations of it and how I use, reuse, combine, alter it, to go further in the opening.

So, this would be a talk between my former me and the world, to reach the actual me who still hides behind excuses.

I love images and I would tend to positionne myself as a visual artist, if I consider all these works I digged in my archives for this presentation.
Here at the center top, you can see my curriculum vitae, on which I worked alot to get a special way of linking experiences, works, studies, leisures, etc. and connect them by other ways than chronological for example.

I like the idea of layers, like the palimpsest, we put on, we take off, we combine but we can never erase everything and go back to a blank page. We have innate and acquired. Things from the past, events, interactions, learnings, are what made us for the good, and the bad.

Fabricademy helps me to put my own train back on track, because of all its interactions and emulations. I want to take this time as an opportunity to believe it's possible. I want to mix what I got from the past learnings and all the new ones of these 3 months, to become the hero of this story, combining, experimenting again.

I will show it to the world with no shame.

I have to dig and investigate in the art world to find my mentors, and also bring back to life what's sleeping in me. I will, by creating, alterating, set my framework, my rules and my process, add layers of creation to the first one, to have an unfinishing project that evolves over time within these 3 months. Starting from pictures, and how I can transform it through other mediums to get another shape of it.
_Sophie Calle ref._

Here is my plan.
Now my aim is to extract myself from applied design to move towards a production that is no longer subject to use but responds to a concept.

Presentation slides

Midterm presentation :

Final presentation :

Video / Movie final project

Other views :

Palimpsests, 2023

Lauriane Beaumont's work presents a possible response to our digital times, the isolation experienced during the Covid pandemic and the urgent need for comfort. Introspective work telling the envelope as much as the organic chasms of our thoughts, Lauriane is confronted with the challenge of saying without revealing in this intimate and modest movement of wanting despite everything to keep for oneself what clashes and upsets the surfaces of representation. Gaps and superpositions - philosophical hiding places where the eye like the word follow a labyrinth - she contrives to cover the tracks by showing the reverse side of a skin to be explored, touched, without however being able to penetrate it completely. The artist writes, rewrites, merges, speaks by incantation, by covering, metamorphoses matter; the cocoon opens and closes in the blink of an eye, the abstraction of forms operates, we dream with our eyes wide open.
Natural dyes, biomaterials, exploratory techniques making the material abrasive or on the contrary densifying it, Lauriane inscribes her research in a continual desire to subjugate the senses, transforming the slightest evidence into an already distant memory.

by Eve Hennequin.

Download all the pictures in HD.

Exhibition (extra)

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