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Portfolio: 93% RAINFOREST + 7% TECH;





I present a collection of purses inspired by and designed with the Amazon Rainforest in Suriname. The Amazon rainforest covers 93% of our territory and is an important ecosystems service to the world. Knowledge and technology is needed to achieve balance between sustainable use and economic growth. It might not be accurate at all but I call this 7%. My 7% is FABRICADEMY.

These products are partly designed and fabricated from biomaterials and biochromes from plants, reclaimed wood and wood waste and flowers from the Amazon Rainforest. I chose to mimic the colorful poison dart frogs as a theme. The designs tell a story of the wealth and the life in the forest. Through the discovery of this realm of abundance I have experienced that seeds have been sown in my own life in sustainable thinking reflecting in product design, in business development and in my social life. By presenting this product I hope to inspire others.

This project is a journey through the forest. By no means it is finished. It has only just begun.


Bereis tree frog Clutch

  • The Bereis tree frog clutch inspired by the Bereis tree frog (Dendropsophus leucophyllatus) Also knowns as white-leaf frog and clown treefrog. I have drawn inspiration from both its clown phase as well its giraffe phase, where the skin patterns change very dramatic. Ingredients include two forest flowers: the Sangrafu our local name for the flower also known as spiral ginger, red tower ginger, and cana de jabali. Second the Palulu is the Heliconia flower in our local language. Tapioca or Cassava was used in the formulas to create the biomaterials. Click on this link to know more about the Bereis tree frog: Bereis tree frog Facts

Bereis tree frog clutch by Reina Raveles

Bereis tree frog

Bereis Heliconia Clutch


  • The Okopipi Blue clutch is inspired by the blue poison dart frog. Biomaterials I incorporated are bioplastic made from cassava starch and colored with blue biochrome from the Clitoria ternatea Butterfly Pea flower. Click on this link to know more about the blue poison dart frog or Okopipi: blue poison dart frog - Okopipi Facts

Okopipi clutch reel by Reina Raveles

Okopipi Blue Poison Dart Frog

Okopipi Clutch

Okopipi Clutch

Hot Red Pepper wallet (Rio Madeira Poison Frog)

  • This flaming Hot Red Pepper wallet is inspired by colors and patterns from the Adelphobates quinquevittatus also known as the Rio Madeira Poison Frog. The cover of the travel wallet is made from red hot peppers, a delicacy used in dishes by the women of Suriname. For women in the interior where there is often limited electricity, pepper is not just a taste maker but a way to preserve food. Click on this link to know more about the Rio Madeira Poison Frog: Rio Madeira Frog Facts

Hot red pepper wallet (Rio Madeira Frog) reel by Reina Raveles

Adelphobates quinquevittatus or Rio Madeira Poison Frog or Amazonian Poison Frog

Red Pepper Wallet

VIDEO FABRICADEMY FINALS: 93% Forest 7% Tech; Biomimcri of Frogskin

Biomimicri-Frogskin-ReinaRavelesVID by Reina Raveles

COMPLETE PRESENTATION FABRICADEMY FINALS: 93% Forest 7% Tech; Biomimcri of Frogskin


Thesis PDF

This link show the complete documentation as a link or Pdf document.

Thesis 93% rainforest 7% Tech; Biomimicri of frogskin


A special thank you to:

  • My mother Yvonne Raveles-Resida for always believing in me!
  • IoT Lab Suriname in particular Theo Boomsma
  • Dobru Oso
  • Zaplab @ Villa Zapakara
  • Paraflor The garden
  • Chetram Bangaru
  • Glenn Geerlings
  • Lydia Hermelijn-Raveles
  • Graciel Antonius-Struiken
  • Cindy Chen
  • Roetoe Raveles (Videographer)

For sharing your beautiful pictures of poison dart frogs with me:

  • Mauro Texeira Jr.
  • John White
  • José Manuel Padial

  • The Fabricademy team: You are all amazing!
    With special mention my Mentor and remote instructor: Nuria Robles

  • Jesus! Creator of heaven and earth

Thank you! I love you all ❤