1. State of the art, project management and documentation

On our first week of Fabricademy we were introduced to the other students in Amsterdam and also to the ones in different cities around the world. We were missing two participans of our group, but happily they are joining very soon. Cecilia walked us through the amazing De Waag, introducing to the people working there and also showing us all little details of this historical building in the heart of Amsterdam.

We had our first global call and got to know a bit more about the program itself, how the weeks are structured and also how import it is to keep EVERYTHING REGISTERED!!

Side note: I'm currently reading this book Amsterdam: A History of the World's Most Liberal City by Russell Shorto and at this moment in the book I'm right on the 17th century when the buildling was raised. So is very interesting to look at it and imagine the scenario back in the chaotic Amsterdam of that time, well the chaos actually didn't change much.

meta documentation


I love gifs to communicate, they can give you much more information in a simple, beautiful and fun to watch way. When starting working with this format, I always faced a lot of difficulties in finding the righ size and resolution. So here are some tips on using GIFs on Gitlab

tip 1

create and link your gif via GIPHY Giphy is a huge gif database but also allows you to create or simply upload your gifs. After doing so, you can generate a embeded code that can be ust copied and paste in gitlab.

tip 2

edit online with EZGIF This website allows you to create gifs from movies or images, to resize, change frame orders and many other features in a very easy intuitive way.

tip 3

when creating gifs, the less frames the better, so if you can use pictures source instead of videos, go for it!


To make sure images are on the size you expect them to show on your page, an usefull trick can be measuring the pixels on the space you are going to insert the picture and then resize the picture on that dimension. I use the screen shoot tool on MAC with the shortcut cmd + shift + 4 and just roughly check the pixels there. Make sure to have the page on it's largest size possible, so you're checking the maximum size of the template.

natural dying workshop

In August this year I did a natural dying workshop with Lucila Kenny that made me realize a field mixing some of my greatest passions: gardening, fabric & colors and cooking.

natural dye

I look forward in learning more techniques and dive myself in this amazing world of ancient knowledge.

what's next

At this moment I'm detaching myself from the brand I created, my business partner will continue with it in Brazil and I plan to find new paths from now on. It's very exciting for me to be involved in something so inspiring specially in this momento of my career, so with Fabricademy I hope to explore the new possibilities and technologies that can help change the way fashion is done currently.

I want to immerse in the world of textures, colors, materials, fully explore my creative capacity and allow myself to explore with no commercial strings attached.

state of art draft

TBA - REF Arcade Fire - Google Chrome experiments

AF - thewildernessdowntown AF - justareflektor

Tunga - tru rouge

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