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Nia Cavalie - Copywriter and maker based in Lima. Some years ago I found in entrepreneurship a way to continue creating and developing new ideas that could have a social impact. Designer in my own clothing brand Nishi Cobin, which seeks to connect the culture of the jungle with people through designs. I'm passionate about photography, traveling and creativity in all its forms. My purpose now is to create new things in the fashion industry. Starting from the creation of new bio-materials made of peruvian ingredients from the coast, mountains and jungle. In addition, the technology added to garments can achieve great changes and impact on how clothing is used today. We now have the opportunity to make major changes in the fashion industry, and in this way collaborate in sustainability and ethical work.

My motivation is to contribute to the challenges of the program, such as fusing fashion with technology and impacting communities. A think that clothing is not just something to wear, the value of clothing can eradicate in many other points. That is why we are in the era of intelligent clothing, clothing that can have another function for the person but also for the environment that surrounds it. Also, I believe that with my experience and background in fashion and also with ancestral communities, like CANTAGALLO from Shipibo-Connibo culture from my country. In the other hand, i want to, work with a new team of multidisciplinary and multicultural background. But above all having a new experience that can contribute in the present and in the future of what I do.

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Positive & Negative Runway

Positive & Negative Behind the scene

I found very useful gitlab because is one of the best ways a found to put in a same space all the new knowledge, assigments, projects and experience. Also is the best way to have a first contact with simple code. So here you can found a hugh part of all my work in Fabricademy.