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Circular Fashion

Designers and projects with modular design

Broken Umbrellas

For this assigment I dicided to re-use fabrics from broken umbrellas that I found with Natalia Barankova in the streets after strongs days of rainning and wind here in Barcelona. What i saw that days were people losing their umbrellas and throwing them in the trash giving up of them. So why don't try to give it a second life, why don't do an open source design and share it. Maybe the next time people try to re-use their broken umbrellas. Here one good example: The reuseful umbrella

We got a lot of broken umbrellas from Anastasia that found in her way to Fablab.

Testing with paper

Reuse umbrellas - Design

Here the design to download

Extra of my work

On February 2019 I could participated with my collection Positive & Negative as part of Fashion Digital Night at Rome.


The Positive & Negative collection uses the modular design technique. Creating garments with designs that can be customized and changed as many times as we want by interlacing the modular parts. Adapting to the occasion of use and interacting with the customer in different ways.


I used the material to the maximum with both positive and negative designs, so I could create two garments instead of one. In addition, using the laser machine helps me to optimized the time and cost of each garment. IUsing all the material without leaving any waste


I used all the material without leaving any waste, taking advantage of both designs: the one I got when I cut the modular pieces and the other when I putted out the modules. Also the idea of this garments are the customization and co-creation of them.

Finally, this collection seeks to be sustainable from its creation and total use of materials, also from the idea of having a garment that has an extensive value .