2. Digital bodies

My notes of the lecture

I really enjoy this lecture and all the week working on it. At first I was planning to 3D modelling my own body, I used to workon Clo3D ton make my very own pattern design, and having a reel 3D of me would be a great plus. But... The night after the lecture I had the idea to work on a assymetrical bodies and I have already met the perfect model.

Let me introduce you Valérie : Valérie push the Textile Lab's door a sunday evening, don't ask why, but I was working there and we started to discuss. She was looking for someone to sew a swimsuit she had create for women like her who has only one breast. I put her in contact with a modelist and they did a great job. You can see below Valérie testing her swinsuit in the ocean.

Research on the subject

Day by day process on the assignement