I am currently founder and director of ZOI. Company that focuses on human-technological development, where the human development of the work team is the main axis to develop technology. Located in Quito, ZOI was born as a FabLab (digital manufacturing laboratory) until it became a developer of artistic, technological and research projects in different areas of knowledge.

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My background

Roberto Gallo developer with studies in Integral Design at the University of Las Americas Quito, specialized in Digital Manufacturing “how to make almost anything” directed by Nail Gershenfield director of the “Center for Bits and Atoms” at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Biology Synthetic "how to grow almost anything" directed by George Church Harvard professor. He has extensive experience in Research, Project Management, Design Consulting, Digital Manufacturing and Technological Development. He is currently pursuing his master's degree in high impact projects "Grow With Fab", a global program based at the University of Oulu.

At 15 Roberto had a very important personal experience because his father was seriously ill. Something that changed the way they see life and focus their efforts on issues of relevance to the common good

Previous work

Bits And Atoms Pen.

Bits and Atoms Pen

Bits and Atoms Pen - BIO

Fab Lat Pavillion

Bits and Atoms Pen