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Skin Electronics

I am interested in the way jewelry adorns our bodies, and imagined how we could make adornments that seem to grow out of our bodies.

I experimented with skin electronics, using LED Sequin lights and conductive thread on the body. I used the conductive thread the same way as I would if I were sewing it onto a textile, except this time I became the textile. It was much harder to make sure the conductive threads wouldn’t touch without a textile, and I ended up accidentally starting a small fire while getting my wires crossed.

I threaded conductive thread through LED sequin lights and then used a touch of glue to attach it to my skin, this way the lights looked like they were a part of me.

I used the skin electronics to make a ring that would twinkle and glow. I am interested in the concept and ability to turn jewelry on and off, to choose, in the moment, for whom we adorn our bodies.

Last update: February 14, 2021