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Hi there !

About me

My name is Julie Merlino, I'm based in Lyon, in France and I have a master degrees in textile and fashion design.

I’m looking for alternatives process for thinking fashion and textile industries more ethic, fare and innovate. I want to broke codes, looking for new creation ways.

I developed a general practice design, multidisciplinary, at the intersection of industries, craftsmanship and new technologies in order to propose a new fashion experience. For some times, I have a particular interest for fiction design (fiction design is a design practice aiming at exploring and criticising possible futures by creating speculative, and often provocative, scenarios narrated through designed artifacts. It is a way to facilitate and foster debates.)

In addition, I like to contextualize my project in space, environment and reality as possible. I find interesting to confront a production in real life. Particulary because I like work whith numeric tools.

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My professionnal story

Since 4 years, during my studies, I developed a biomaterials collection thank to an open source biomaterials recipe book published by FabLab Barcelona. Bioplastique Cook Book

The project / collection : UNF – Utopia No(s) Futur(s) (our futur in French)

UNF Project

I discovered the maker movement, fablabs and Fabricademy at this moment. After that, my interest for this movement is growing more and more. That developed my profile designer, my aesthetic universe and my multiple commitments.

UNF is a diploma project during one of my diploma (in 2018). This diploma learned to me many craftsmanship practice (dying, weaving, knitting, embroidery…).

After this diploma, DSAA diploma (master degrees) learn to me a more conceptual design way and a multidisciplinary design. I often worked in team with different profile designer to develop a collective mind. During the first year diploma, I realized many projects : edition, set design, pattern collection,... I discovered many approches to make and think design.

Following my studies, finished in 2020, I worked in an association wich work in numeric arts and new technologies (AADN - Arts numériques et nouvelles technologies based in Lyon). This experience was very interesting. I learn a new vocabulary around new technologies (softwares, augmented reality,...). Thanks to this experience I worked in Le LabLab, an artistic lab in research and creation of new audiovisual, immersive and interactive experiences, combining technologies with the questions of futur.

My research and my reflexion

Essay : Humanize Fashion

The subject of my essay: ‘Humanize fashion’ is desires and frustrations, and people confronted today and tomorrow fashion. I tried to develop, to create, a new ideal, thinking news practices of fashion design and to question and to understand the quests and the evolution of contemporary people’s behaviour, between their desires and their frustrations, and to define how a desire for adjustment and humanization of fashion, through design, was asserted.

The reflection of my essay "Humanize Fashion" allowed me to contextualise the problems in the fashion industry and to thinking a more humane, closer to consumers and users and more sustainable evolution of fashion. This essay also allowed me to conceptualise a design project and to start creative practice. This research directs the project towards a mutation of fashion shop windows, for them to be more interactive with the customer. The aim of this work is to develop an awareness of consumers by upgrading clothes and taking away from commercial aspect. The goal of this upgrade is to present the garment newly, through scenography work and sound and tactile garment staging.

My last project

My last project is my diploma project relized in 2020. It is developed in same time as my essay.

Project : Awarness showcases

Fast fashion has become a dominant way in recent years. This way is based on the principle of mass sales of low-cost products. In this society of hyperconsumerism, everything is allowed and everything pushes to consume. This way defines consumption as a means of fulfilling one's life.

Fashion showcase – an attraction that creates the temptation to enter the temples of consumption – is a space that drives desire, inciting people to buy. It plays with desires and frustrations of consumers by ‘selling them dreams’. Shop windows are frontal and inaccessible, alienate and maintain a frenzy, vertigo and hypnosis. They manipulate by playing by the sensitivity and immediacy.

Awareness Showcases are alternative showcases constructed as intuitive or reflexive independent worlds, inviting the viewers – consumers to consider in a questioning way their own effect on consumption.
The aim of these showcases is to create awareness through sensitization.

See more (external website link) : Awernew Showcases Project

Last update: 2021-10-08