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2. Digital bodies

Research & Ideation


At first I thought I would make a mannequin, which I can use for my cardigans. I discard this idea because there are definitely too many mannequins on our planet.

I was frustrated by the online explanations of Mr.Rodrigo. It left me more lost than curious. His explanations were not comprehensible. It was for me more like a show then a teaching.

Luckily Louise, our instructor, took us through another Basic Training with Rhinos and made a tutorial where we can follow the basic we have to learn. and I also watched the Rhinos tutorial from last year again, which was more clearly structured.

Rhino is not my friend, also body cutting is strange for me, but I was able to hop on Rhinos. I think it's pretty creepy that you can cut open a body, it reminds me of some (Nordic) crime stories from the TV series.

We had a cool roadtrip to Fab Lab Sauðárkrókur. We could make a scan of ourself. Which i couldn't import to Rhinos or Make Human Program.

References & Inspiration


During the lectures and when we played/learned the "Make Human" programme, my thoughts started to change.

I want to do something androgynous. What does it mean if a mannequin has only one breast, do I have to put the breast in the middle, or does this reinsert breast cancer? How can a body be androgynous even if it is male or female

Women's ego: we had an extra talk from an Icelandic weaver Hildur Hákonardóttir. She talked about the male ego that has been built for 500 years and now it is time to build the female ego. What is the difference between a female ego and a male ego? What is a gender neutral ego?

I researched about ALTER EGO - alter ego wikipedia

and thought I would create a kind of doll that symbolizes the young female ego. a doll that remembers that the ego can grow to a healthy size: what is the right size for ego or for the laser cutter?

I also watch the Video from Lucy on TED

Performance : I use the Body also as a tool for my performance. In all this (be lost) in the 3 D program I thought very often- I prefer to make a long term performance then to abstract bodys. Should I apply for study Performance in Reykjavik. Abramovic is one of the amazing Performance Artist who inspire me.

  • Photocredit Ariane Lugeon


- [Rhino]
- [3d scan with Skanect](
- [Slicerfor Fuison 360]
- [giphy](
- [3d Model with MakeHuman](
- left over thread & needle

Process and workflow

The process was a little too fast for me. I had trouble getting involved with the new computer programs. The feeling that I was always one step behind was present.

Finally I decided to make this doll with the "origami" technique.

Finding the right size, with not too few parts but still detailed was challenging.

My perspective thinking is not very well developed. So I was surprised that I had sooooo small puzzle pieces after my first laser cutter.

But I found creative solutions when putting them together. Soon I realized that tape doesn't work because of the angles and I (finally) came up with thread and needle.

I forgot to put in a part at the leg. This part is transformed then into a magic laser sword. I couldn't put the head together either, because time was running too fast. So I made a head out of leftover wool and the smallest parts from the laser cutter became a fancy necklace.


Make Human

play with make human

Step 1

scaning process fablab

You need a scanner The softwear is Revosacan, and at the end you need a STL file, tht you can open in Rhino.

Scanning the Body slowly with the scanneer, the sacan is preparing on the Revosan software, and then you export to STL. It's imprtant that the scan is watertight, it 's mean it's closed. If you opening in Rhino, you have to be sure it's a closed mesh otherwise you can't slice it.


Step 2

Then you slice in the Slicer Fusion 360 It's Importsnt that you know the size and what kind of material you will use and have to add in the software. I choose the origamin sliceing option.


Step 3


the first step for the lasercuterr is to switch on the aeration with the key, air on 5, close middle tube - detail you can find here:

air print

download on google drive the prepare print, allways open withe the adobe program with 2 colors for cutting and ingrave speed and power reduce can also make ingrave choose vector for cutting!

for cutting i have the 3mm cardboard 60 speed 40 power 10 frequency

test frame on the panel with * and return button

Challenge :

This week was overhelming for me, but i love to embroider my ego doll. It s diffcult to make the assignemnenst from content which I didn't understand. Also find concentration in our lab was often dificult to find. We really need the workingspace in the textilcenter cross the street - we still don't know when its will be ready.

Fabrication files

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