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9. Textile Scaffold


As an artist, it's exciting for me to think about how I could make a sculpture with knitted fabrics. Icelandic ice and wool are very native here. An ephemeral knitted sculpture could be a good challenge.

When designing sculptures, I also have to consider the severe weather conditions (wind / rain / snowstorms) or ask myself whether it makes sense to create sculptures for interiors.

References & Inspiration

orawee1 orawee2

I found the beautiful work from ORAWEE CHOEDAMPHAI I love the combination from wool and cable ties and and repetitation in the work You find more of her work here:

Image referencefrom Orawee webpage

Overview material research outcomes


  • icelandic wool
  • stone for the shape
  • flour
  • sugar
  • hot water
  • pot
  • whisk

Process and workflow

Wool & Sugar Cristals

I used only water and some sugar/ heat it up and then put it in the freezer. I think for outside it's would be possible in winter time in Iceland to make more lawyer with water.

cristal1 cristal2

Wool & Flour Glue

Recipe i made the clue. 100g flour and 5dl water / heat it up and stir it well I had a lot of cloumbs in my clue

It was a mess with the glue, and super sticky after 2 days when it was dry. It's should be better to hang it or to put some plastic under to dry. The cool thing is the result wthe the wool it's moveable . That could be intressting for a sculpture.


Documenting and comparing experiments


I made a second experminet- with icelandic wool (lopi) and cashmere I cut from each fabric 2 squares. I brush only one lawyer flour clue of a cashmere and a icelandic sample. The other two, cashmere and icelandic wool (lopi) i steep it fuel in the flour glue. I did a stone inside and hang them up for drying.


On the left an image of a sample made by Lopi fuel diy in and on the right image is the Lopi with one layer clue The texsture on the one layer glue is more clear and still stable and movabel - I like it!

The same by the cashmere left image fuel dyeing in and right side one layer glue. The texsture from the cashmere fabric is thiner wool / thread and less stabel, but still formable. I also prefere here the one with one layer - becuase you have one clean side without slime in.

I like that the wool is formable . It's could be a possib.ity for me to make a wool sculpture with this technic.


Last update: 2022-11-28