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7. Computational Couture

Research & Ideation

Audigirls spider

  • Photos from the webpagefrom Anouk Wipprecht

References & Inspiration

It fascinates me that there is clothing that is linked to emotions. The question I ask myself is it helpful for humanity or does they become even more numb, because they no longer needs / training his intuition and simply turns to the computer/machine/A.I. trusted


- [Grasshopper](
- [Rhino3D](
- [Ultimaker](
- 3D Printer

Process and workflow

I learned a grasshopper light version. With youtuobe tutorials and the help of Louise.

I need more time to play with Grasshopper. I think if I touch the program in a playful way, I can immerse myself and find joy in it. I still feel overwhelmed by the huge range of options that Grasshopper and Rhino offer. But I play :-)



It's helpfuel to have the view on, to see which component is what. The name of the component is bifocals

- If a component is red - then it dosen't work - If a component is orange , then some information are missing

The main component I use was

  • Panel / is yellow and I can see what is inside of the connected component
  • Point is for connecting Grashopper with Rhino
  • Number Slider for chang the size easy
  • Hexoganal for make a gride and to have the centre points
  • Polygon is the basic shape you can choose how many edges you want
  • Boundary Surfaces fills the closed curve
  • Extrude Point is that it's going up to only one point

I made a curve that the Polygon which are closer to the curve are smaller.


Allways save the files twice. one in Rhino (Format 3dm) and one in Grasshopper (Format gh) For export the file for printing you need the STL Format



3D Printing

Then you can open the file in the Ultimaker Cura software for make the 3D printer ready and safe it as a G Code file and save on a memory card, which you can put in the 3D printer. The 3D Printer you can start with turn and press the orange wheel.

print printpause



My final model for printing is it's looks nice on wool -for stronger shoulders

first3D 3Donwool

Fabrication files

  1. File: Rhino 

  2. File: Grashoppers 

  3. File: print 

Last update: 2022-11-14