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3. Circular Open Source Fashion

Research & Ideation


Because I was a little bit out of space last week, I chose a new planet shape. The first Idea was to work with the shape of the planet saturn then from the moon

I need a long time to learn it with Rhinos to do my bubble shape, Louise was explaining excellently.

Hacking the Textile Industrie System

I am happy that we have this ecological part in our study.  Thinking about different materials and recycling is cool.

I would like to introduce you OFFCUT

  • OFFCUT It's a shop in Switzerland that is growing well since a few years. This store collects from companies leftovers.

It's always nice to go there, you find strange stuff, in large amounts who are very inspired to transform in art or in new products. Also for big companies it's good to know where they can bring their leftovers.

I also read and watch the GreenPeace video and research about detox fashion.

I like the cartoon video: TOXIC IS SO LAST SEASON

Questions ?

Do we have to hack the textil system from up to down or from down to up? I mean from producer & designer to customer or from customer to producer & designer

how we can teach humans that the price for a t-shirt / knitting pullover is high! How can we sensibility humans that isn't healthy for the planet earth and also not for the body to wear a new t-shirt for 5€.

References & Inspiration


Bubble in Hand

I call my creation bubble. Because I think we work and study and even Blönduos is kind of a bubble. And I love Champagne. I don't have the effort to create something finished , or a useful product. But I enjoy making samples , do tests with the felting machine to recycle the Lopapeysas(traditional islandic wool sweater) to felt.

I think my bubble would need more time to find out the perfect material. I prefer to work with recycled material, especially for testing.

The Bubbles are a growing system, who make fun. It could be useful for example as a curtain, some play stuff for children , as a basket or for adding on clothes, scarf etc. I think it's a playful basic tool that can grow to something nice and multifunctional!

I recognized the simple felt work CUMA from Takehiro Ando, who looks form me a little bit like Mickey Mouse. I really want to keep it simple and round. I chose one big circle and 3 little one. 3 has a lot of options, and I also want that the piece you need to get together can be also a piece that can be free and a part of the design.

  • CUMA from Takehiro Ando and my 1. idea drawing

Takehiro Ando Cuma first draw

  • test laser cut with paper and felt

photocredit ariane lugeon


Process and workflow


Rhino3 Rhino2

Here I divide the circle in 6 parts, then make a help triangel, for trim / cut what I want to move away. Rotate from the middlepoint to the helping points. It was helping me to imageimagine the shape of a watch, for calluclate the right angle.


but i know now: - It's diffrent to selct object from the left or right side. - I have to go to ORTHO for make a surface - watch out on which layer do I work / lamp on and off helps!


I try the nesting sowtrware deepnest and SVG Nest out, they both didn't work. So i did the nesting in Rhionos with the command : Array where i create some (mistake)art - but it was good exercise with Rhino until it works.

I am still struggeling with 3D view, but i like to do exercise.

Then I made some mistake by safe the pdf, and I print out the wrong size. remember to safe in 1:1 scale!!

nesting command

Laser cutter

The laser cut for PAPER is: speed 100 power 10 Frequency 10

The laser cut for FELT is: speed 30 poewer 70 Frequency 50



First time i worked with the felting machine this was the Icelandic wool swaeter

I cut the sweater and did some raw wool between and let him arround 10 time in the felting maschine. It's better to have the needle button on FAST , and the rolling button on SLOW i worket with 90 needle and 10 speed


I love it simple! Like the feltmaschine with a only a few buttons

and so is also my BUBBLE simple and palyful


photocredit ariane lugeon

Fabrication files

Last update: 2022-10-13