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6. BioFabricating Materials



The work from Alice Potts is beautiful! You can see more on her webpage: Alice Potts

* Image from the Webpage from Alice Potts

References & Inspiration

Also good References are and for focus on Bioplastic and Textil:



Process and workflow

It was again a witches kitchen ! We did the whole Process as a goup. It was my first time I try to make bioplastic, the first pot i made some gelatine burned also ...but the burned gelatine made a nice pattern in the plastic. It's feel also a little but uggly to create this new material - i keep some distance to the slimy materials.

But I knit a example with Agar thread. It was very slippery for knitting, and shrank a lot when it was dry. It was fun!


knittingr alginate

Our finally process output was a book with all the recepies and descriptions of the materials:


Icealndicteam Bioplastic Book


Last update: 2022-11-14