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11. Implications and applications

Connecting with my intention

Why did I join Fabricademy?

To expand my textile art/design practices into more innovative and sustainable ones. To integrate "Biodesign" into my design philosophy and know how, to be able to create in a artisanal way alongside technology. However, the subject that pulled the trigger was Bacteria Pigmentation. That was what fascinated me the most from the entire program.

Which projects really inspired/captivated me and why?

Biofabrication was quite interesting except for the fact that I did not find practical application for "bioplastics" or "kombucha leather". I enjoyed making them and experimenting though.

Biochromes was one of my favorite weeks because natural pigments is already part of my practice and I got to dig deeper with the modifiers. Also because I finally learned to pigment with bacteria which was something I had longed to learn for years.

Crystallization was beautiful and mesmerizing. Growing different crystals onto different fabrics and materials tapped into an internal excitement that was heartwarming.

Felting Wool was another tecnique I found super fun and beautiful to do.

How would I spend the next three months?

Something that became clear to me after these weeks of learning is that the things I enjoyed the most were the ones where I got to use my hands rather than a software or machine. I´m a traditional textile artist who enjoys playing with her hands even if that means, inoculating a bacteria.

References & Inspiration

Natsai Audrey Chieza has been an inspiration for years now and I find her work groundbreaking. Her work at Faber Futures in collaboration with Ginkgo Bioworks is one of the places I see myself playing around in the future.

Natalie Stopka is also an inspiration for me because she is a natural dye artist and her marbling work is also something that I find really beautiful.

Haute Couture embroidery is another passion of mine and I´m actually trained by Lesage, Paris oldest embroidery atelier. I´m a big fan of artisanal crafts.


My practice for the last ten years include too many unsustainable and detrimental practices for the environment which I would like to subsitute for sustainable ones so I can be able to teach this philosophy.

Old work



Sustainable textile design for artistic and design practices.

Evolution fo the Project

Last update: 2023-05-10