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Sukin -スキン . dress responsibly, protect yourself, save the planet

Sukin -スキン

A solution to shield your skin and feel the freedom of a second skin

  • Sustainable: Sukin is a biomaterial made from natural, sustainable sources reducing the impact of sportswear on the environment

  • Health and safety: Sukin eliminates the use of toxic chemicals and provides a safer and healthier option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts

  • Comfort: Sukin provides better comfort for athletes by allowing the skin to breathe and preventing moisture build-up, reducing the risk of skin irritation and chafing

  • Performance: Sukin could improve the performance of athletes by providing better stretch, durability, and flexibility. Sukin can also regulate the body temperature, allowing athletes to perform better in a variety of weather conditions while it protects them from Sun exposure

  • Fashion: Sukin can offer unique and innovative designs that are not possible with traditional sportswear materials, providing an opportunity for athletes to express their personal style


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Sukin -スキン

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Last update: 2023-05-10