Updates during the second half of Fabricademy#

I left Amsterdam a few days before Christmas and spent time travelling home, and then was straight back into work, so I found that making video updates was a good way to set myself deadlines. They’re also a good record of how much the project changed over the weeks.

Update, 26th February, 4.56pm New Zealand time:#

My slide, made in record super fast time…

crappy slide

I still hope to develop the wenduino kit as well, but have decided to prioritise the incubator for now. Although I’ve been able to solve a lot so far, I really need to concentrate on the electronics of this system, which will lead much of the further design developments of the body of the incubator.

A 4 minute video from today, hello fabricademeers!#

If the videos aren’t loading and say you have to download them, refresh the page instead…

A 17 second video from a couple of days ago, 23rd February, testing the heater element:#

there’s no sound in that one because I smashed the thermometer when I lifted the lid and said bad words.

A 2 minute video from a few days ago, 16th February, general progress:#

Mid term video update, 11th February, 5.16pm New Zealand time:#