3. Circular fashion


  • MudJeans I like the concept where consumer is part of the circular economy by sending back your jeans to get it repaired or recycled: JEANS LEASING :nice concept.

Le concept I love the most is upcycling, Patagonia is not only make garmin out of plastic, the also upcycle a lot, I personally experience that in Chamonix during an upcycling session organized at the shop where I went to repair a garmin, and I was amazed this day because they replace my garmin for free and ask me to spend time upcycling the old one.

really nice 2 hour workshop. it was also possible to fixed issue with other brands.

This week the goal is to create a pattern with connexion which will be used to create a garment which could be resized or modified just by changing parts.

Paper Test

I will start with a basic shape which can allow to build flat structure.

Then I am interested by finding a shape with which it is easy to scale (like Ax paper A0 = 2 A1 = 4 A2 = 8 A3 =16 A4). Does it exist in nature this kind of strucure ?

I decided to used a hexagone shape with half circle as connector.

I did it with Rhino just debause I need to practice. I create a polygone with 6 sides, then using each sides as a diameter, I added 6 circles, then using Trim Command I get ride of the unwanted lines.

6 faces means 3 male connectors + 3 female connectors so I decided to split my hexagone in two part, one side 3 holes other side 3 Connectors.

Then I exported the design into a vector file (SVG) for laser cutting.

Then I discovered that the repartition of the male ou female connector was not working all the time, so I had to redo the design, to set alternatively the connector In fact the pattern on the left has a symetry on the middle of the shape which doesn't allow me to built in any direction, so by swaping the male and the female connector I change the symetry to be a 120 degree of rotation.

The new one is working fine:

Felt Test

After some test with the material I set a new material in the Trotec system for Felt with almost the same parameters as Paper(a little bit more power)

I did the cut just to test my pattern with felt but colors of the felt available were so ugly I was not motivated to make something that no one want to wear.

So the Idea will be with the next course to try my pattern on Cotton with the color I created.

Coton Test

In the space where I work, there was a sofa which was broken and which we threw away, I recovered the cover and used it as raw material

Sources files

Please Find hereby the source file to cut the pattern

The next step will be to use natural dies to colored them .....To Be Continued (see Section Ganrance in Week 4 Biochromes)